Floor Form Adjusters

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Floor Form Adjusters

Adjuster length is like 1 to 1.5 foot which can be used to fill the remaining gap left by floor form panels while constructing floor. It gives seamless platform in odd dimension by overleaping shuttering plates.

Floor form adjusters fill up odd shapes of slabs eliminating cutting and wastage of timber altogether.

Floor Form Adjusters
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Floor form Adjusters are normally 400mm and 250mm wide and 900mm and 1150mm long. Details of Standard Sizes of Floor form Panels available and their respective allowable slab thickness are given in the table below. Customized size can also be made available as per client's requirements.


  • Made out of 2mm Thickness sheet (Bended Plate).
  • 900x600mm panel size makes it convenient for handling at heights, as compared to large size plywood.
  • High strength as wide vertical stiffener provided