Scaffolding Tower

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Scaffolding Tower

Scaffold Towers in Aluminium and Mild Steel with all safety features are manufactured by "Prime Steeltech "consist of H frames, Braces (ledgers), Railings, toe guards, staircase, caster wheels and work platform.

Scaffolding Towers with large working platforms, which can comfortably fit a worker and any necessary tools and materials, while at the same time being both rigid and stable. Mobile Towers are self-supporting, meaning they do not need to be leaned against any wall or building. you can move the Caster wheels fitted to towers effortlessly to the location of job at any elevation

Scaffolding Tower
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  • Ease of Use and Portability
  • Quick and Easy Installations
  • Long Lasting,
  • Rust Resistance and Low maintenance
  • Safe working

Staircase Tower
Movable Scaffolding Tower
Fixed Scaffolding Tower