H Frame Scaffolding System

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H Frame Scaffolding System

An assembly that consists of rigid welded frame of two Vertical and Horizontal pipes which are interconnected by scissor type Cross Braces through Pins and Spring Clips is called as an 'H' Frame Scaffolding System.

H Frame Scaffolding System
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The Verticals are made of 40NB Medium/Heavy class pipes and Horizontals are made of 40NB Light/Medium class pipes. In order to connect two 'H' frames vertically 50NB Socket or 380D Spigots are welded at one end of both the verticals. Cross Bracings are made of 25/20NB Medium or Light class pipes.

Sizes of 'H' frames

Sr. No. Size (HxW) In mm. Self - Weight In Kg./Nos
1 2000x1000 21.40
2 2000x100250 23.00
3 2000x2500 28.00
4 2400x1000 28.60^
1 2400x1250 30.35^
^ = Weights for 'H' frame with ladder.
(Ladder made of 25NB pipe = 4.6kg/Nos).
Frames are made of 40NB Medium class pipes.
Note Weights indicated above are subject to tolerance of +/- 3.0 %.

Sizes of Cross Braces

Sr. No. Size (AxB) In mm Spacing In mm Length (L) In mm Pipe Dia Self Wt. In Kgs.
1 2500 x 1500 2500 2950 25NB
2 2000 x 1500 2000 2550 25NB
3 1250 x 1500 1250 2000 25NB
Note: Weightsindicated above are subject to tolerance of +/- 3.0 %.

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